Are you a candidate for an organ transplant?

There may be a lot of preparation and waiting when it comes to an organ transplant. If you are already waiting for an organ transplant or are considering organ transplant, the first step in the process may be to make sure that you are an appropriate candidate.

In order to determine your eligibility for an organ transplant, your transplant team may evaluate considerations like your medical history, current health status, financial situation, and caregiver and/or support system. Depending on this evaluation, you may be added to the waiting list as a candidate for a transplant organ.

Check with your transplant center about the things that might stop you from being considered for an organ transplant.

Some diseases and/or medical conditions may prevent you from receiving a transplant. These include:

  • Certain types of liver, heart, or lung disease
  • Some cancers
  • Use of alcohol or drug abuse
  • Being HIV-positive
  • History of not following medical instructions